• Refactored the publish and unpublish management commands to use boto instead of s3cmd.
  • build and publish management commands use file mimetypes instead of a regex on the filename to decide if a file will be gzipped.
  • publish management command includes –force and –dry-run uploads to force an upload of all file, regardless of changes, and to print output without uploading files, respectively.
  • publish management command now pools uploads to increase speed


  • Added a get_content method to all of the buildable views to make it easier to build pages that don’t require a template, like JSON outputs


  • Bug fix with calculating Python version in the views in v0.4.0


  • Added optional gzip support to build routine for Amazon S3 publishing (via @emamd)
  • Mixin buildable view with common methods


  • Python 3 support
  • Unit tests
  • Continuous integration test by Travis CI
  • Coverage reporting by
  • PEP8 compliance
  • PyFlakes compliance
  • Refactored buildserver management command to work with latest versions of Django


  • Numerous bug fixes